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fj.1st-readme		Guides of fj. No discussion. (Moderated)
fj.1st-readme.discussion	Discussion about documents for fj.1st-readme.
fj.announce		Announcements to entire fj. (Moderated)
fj.archives.d		For any topics related to fj.archives.
fj.archives.documents	Repository for documents.
fj.books		Books of all genres, shapes, and sizes.
fj.chat			Newsgroup for chat.
fj.comp.ai		Artificial intelligence discussions.
fj.comp.announce	Announcements for computer-related topics/meetings.
fj.comp.applications.1-2-3	Discussion on 1-2-3.
fj.comp.applications.dictionary	Computer applications for dictionary, encyclopedia and electronic books.
fj.comp.applications.excel	Discussion on Excel.
fj.comp.applications.ichitaro	Discussion on Ichitaro.
fj.comp.applications.misc	Discussion on miscellaneous computer software or software packages.
fj.comp.applications.ms-word	Discussion on MS-Word.
fj.comp.applications.photoshop	Discussion on Photoshop.
fj.comp.arch		Computer architecture.
fj.comp.databases	Discussions about databases and data management.
fj.comp.dev.cdrom	Discussion on CDROM device.
fj.comp.dev.digital-camera	Discussion on the digital camera.
fj.comp.dev.disk	Discussion on Magnetic/Optical Disk.
fj.comp.dev.display	Discussion on display devices.
fj.comp.dev.dvd		Discussion on DVD device. DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, etc.
fj.comp.dev.keyboard	Discussion on Keyboard.
fj.comp.dev.memory	Discussion on Memory.
fj.comp.dev.misc	Discussion on miscellaneous computer device.
fj.comp.dev.pc-card	Discussion on PC Card(JEIDA/PCMCIA Card).
fj.comp.dev.printer	Discussion on printers, plotters, etc.
fj.comp.dev.scanner	Discussion on Image Scanner.
fj.comp.dev.scsi	Discussion on SCSI Interface.
fj.comp.dev.tape	Discussion on Tape device.
fj.comp.distributed	Distributed computing systems, objects, etc.
fj.comp.dsp		Discussion about Digital Signal Processing.
fj.comp.image		Computer graphics, art, animation, image processing.
fj.comp.input-method	Computerized input method for natural language, etc.
fj.comp.input-method.atok	ATOK input method.
fj.comp.lang.ada	Discussion about Ada*.
fj.comp.lang.asm	Discussion about assembly language.
fj.comp.lang.awk	Discussion about awk.
fj.comp.lang.basic	Discussion on the BASIC programming language.
fj.comp.lang.c 	Discussion about C.
fj.comp.lang.c++	Discussion about C++.
fj.comp.lang.cobol	Discussion on COBOL.
fj.comp.lang.forth	Discussion about Forth.
fj.comp.lang.fortran	Discussion about FORTRAN.
fj.comp.lang.functional	Discussion about functional programming languages.
fj.comp.lang.implementation	Discussion about implementation of programming languages.
fj.comp.lang.java	Discussion on Java Language.
fj.comp.lang.javascript	Discussion about JavaScript.
fj.comp.lang.lisp	Discussion about LISP.
fj.comp.lang.misc	Different computer languages not specifically listed.
fj.comp.lang.objective-c	Discussion about Objective-C.
fj.comp.lang.pascal	Discussion on the PASCAL programming language.
fj.comp.lang.perl	Discussion about perl language.
fj.comp.lang.postscript	PostScript language and related topics.
fj.comp.lang.prolog	Discussion about PROLOG.
fj.comp.lang.ruby	Discussion on the Ruby object-oriented scripting language.
fj.comp.lang.st80	Discussion about Smalltalk 80.
fj.comp.lang.tcl	Discussion about Tcl/Tk.
fj.comp.lang.verilog	Discussion about the Verilog Hardware Description Language.
fj.comp.lang.vhdl	Discussion about the VHSIC Hardware Description Language.
fj.comp.lang.visualbasic	Discussion about Microsoft Visual Basic programming.
fj.comp.misc		General topics about computers not covered elsewhere.
fj.comp.mobile		Discussion about mobile computing.
fj.comp.music		Topics about computers and music.
fj.comp.oldies		Topics about old computers and softwares.
fj.comp.oops		Object Oriented Programming, System, etc.
fj.comp.parallel	Discussion about parallel computing.
fj.comp.programming	Programming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
fj.comp.security	Discussions about computer security.
fj.comp.security.pgp	Talk about pgp.
fj.comp.sgml		Discussion on SGML(Standerd Generalized Markup Language).
fj.comp.speech		Academic discussions and technical interchanges on speech processing.
fj.comp.statistics	Discussion on statistics.
fj.comp.texhax 	Discussion about TeXhax and delivery of mailing list.
fj.comp.text		Text processing issues and methods.
fj.comp.theory 	Theoretical aspects of computer science.
fj.comp.x11		About X window systems.
fj.comp.xml		Discussion about XML.
fj.disaster.earthquake	Information about earthquake.
fj.disaster.misc	Information about disasters not covered elsewhere.
fj.disaster.oil-spill	Information relating to oil spill.
fj.disaster.people	Information about people in disaster areas.
fj.disaster.volunteers	Information about disaster volunteers.
fj.editor.emacs		EMACS editors of different flavors.
fj.editor.misc 	Talk about editors.
fj.editor.mule 	Discussion about Mule.
fj.editor.vi		Discussion about vi editor.
fj.editor.xemacs	Discussion about XEmacs.
fj.education		About education in general.
fj.education.announce	Announcement related to education
fj.education.comp	Education on computers and computer science.
fj.education.informatics	Education on informatics in general.
fj.education.math	Discussions on mathematics education.
fj.engr.arch		Topics about architecture.
fj.engr.civil		Topics about civil engineering.
fj.engr.control		Topics about control system engineering.
fj.engr.elec		Electrical and electronic engineering.
fj.engr.materials	Topics about materials engineering.
fj.engr.mech		Topics about mechanical engineering.
fj.engr.misc		General topics about engineering.
fj.engr.robotics	Topics about robotics.
fj.engr.safety 	About safety engineering.
fj.fleamarket.appliances	Fleamarket for appliances.
fj.fleamarket.autos	Fleamarket for automobiles, motorcycle and etc.
fj.fleamarket.books	Fleamarket for books, magazines, and etc.
fj.fleamarket.books.comics	Fleamarket of comics.
fj.fleamarket.books.comp	Fleamarket of books related to computer.
fj.fleamarket.books.sci	Fleamarket of science books.
fj.fleamarket.books.soc	Fleamarket of books related to society.
fj.fleamarket.comp	Fleamarket for computer hardware, software and etc.
fj.fleamarket.comp.software	Fleamarket for computer software.
fj.fleamarket.d		For any topics related to fj.fleamarket.
fj.fleamarket.misc	Fleamarket for miscellaneous.
fj.fleamarket.sports	Fleamarket for sports equipment.
fj.fleamarket.tickets	Fleamarket for tickets.
fj.fleamarket.video-game	Fleamarket for video game.
fj.jokes		Joke and humor.
fj.jokes.d		Discussion about jokes.
fj.kanji		Discussion about Kanji.
fj.life.children	Children, childcare and parenting.
fj.life.clothing	Discussion about clothing.
fj.life.health 	Discussion about health.
fj.life.hometown	About domestic regions. Names, boasts, customs etc.
fj.life.hometown.hokkaido	About Hokkaido region.
fj.life.hometown.kansai	About Kansai region.
fj.life.hometown.kanto 	About Kanto region.
fj.life.housing		House and related equipment.
fj.life.in-hokubei	Tips on living in North America.
fj.life.in-japan	Topics on life of foreigners in Japan.
fj.life.religion	Discussion on religion.
fj.life.ren-ai 	Discussion about romantic love.
fj.life.school 	Topics on school life.
fj.life.works		Discussion about works and workers.
fj.living		Discussions about various things in daily life.
fj.mail			Proposed new mail/network standards.
fj.mail-lists.arukikata	Messages of mailing lists on new fj's guides. (Moderated)
fj.mail-lists.election	Messages of mailing lists on fj-NGMC election managers. (Moderated)
fj.mail-lists.fj-committee	Messages sent to fj-committee mailing list. (Moderated)
fj.mail.friends		Requests for e-mail friends.
fj.mail.lists		Discussion on mailing lists.
fj.mail.reader 	Discussion about mail readers.
fj.mail.reader.becky	Discussion about Becky! Internet Mail.
fj.mail.reader.datula	Discussion about the mail reader Datula.
fj.mail.reader.mew	Discussion about Mew (Messaging in Emacs World).
fj.mail.reader.outlookexpress	Discussion about Microsoft OutlookExpress.
fj.mail.reader.postpet	Discussion about the mail reader Postpet.
fj.mail.system 	General topics about email systems.
fj.mail.system.qmail	Topics on qmail.
fj.mail.system.sendmail	Topics on sendmail.
fj.meetings		Announce for conference, workshop, etc.
fj.misc			Various discussions that there are no groups to match.
fj.misc.handicap	Interest for/about the handicapped.
fj.misc.inquiry		Call for, answers, or result of inquiry.
fj.misc.inquiry.d	Discussion about inquiry.
fj.net-people		Announcements, requests, etc. about people on the net.
fj.net.ftp		Discussion about FTP(File Transfer Protocol).
fj.net.ip		Internet Protocol and routing.
fj.net.ip.dns		Discussion about DNS(Domain Name System).
fj.net.isdn		The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).
fj.net.kermit		Discussion about kermit package.
fj.net.lan		Local area network hardware and software.
fj.net.lan.ethernet	The Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 protocols.
fj.net.lan.wireless	Discussion on wireless network.
fj.net.ldap		Discussion about LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
fj.net.mime		Discussion on MIME(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).
fj.net.misc		Discussions on networks in general.
fj.net.modems		Modem hardware, software, and protocols.
fj.net.modems.fax	Fax-Modem hardware, software, and protocols.
fj.net.phones		Telephone network.
fj.net.phones.manners	Phone manners.
fj.net.phones.mobile	Mobile phone.
fj.net.phones.phs	Japanese Personal Handy Phone System.
fj.net.programming	Network programming.
fj.net.providers	Discussion on Network Service Providers.
fj.net.samba		SAMBA network.
fj.net.uucp		UUCP configuration and administration.
fj.net.watch		Interesting/funny phenomena on the net.
fj.net.words		Words related to networks.
fj.net.www		Discussion about WWW(World Wide Web).
fj.net.www.authoring	About WWW authoring techniques.
fj.net.www.browsers	About WWW browsing softwares.
fj.net.www.pages	About someone's WWW pages.
fj.net.www.servers	About WWW serving softwares.
fj.net.xdsl		Topics about Digital Subscriber Line.
fj.news.adm		Comments directed to news administrators.
fj.news.adm.feed-check	For testing by newsserver administrators.
fj.news.announce	Announcements about fj Netnews. (Moderated)
fj.news.config 	Postings of system down times and configuration change.
fj.news.group		Discussions and lists of newsgroups.
fj.news.group.comp	About newsgroups for discussions of computers.
fj.news.group.misc	About newsgroups of all other kinds.
fj.news.group.net	About newsgroups for discussions of networks.
fj.news.group.rec	About newsgroups for discussions of recreations.
fj.news.group.soc	About newsgroups for discussions of social issues.
fj.news.lists		News-related statistics and lists.
fj.news.lists.filters	Notices for automated news filtering systems.
fj.news.misc		Miscellaneous discussions of network news.
fj.news.net-abuse	Discussions about abuse of news and other network resources.
fj.news.policy 	Discussions of fj newsgroup hierarchy itself.
fj.news.promotion	Discussion about fj promotion strategy.
fj.news.reader 	General topics about network news reader softwares.
fj.news.reader.gn	Discussion about gn.
fj.news.reader.gnus	Discussion about GNUS.
fj.news.reader.mnews	Discussion about mnews.
fj.news.reader.rn	Discussion about rn family (rn, trn, ...).
fj.news.reader.winvn	Discussion about winvn.
fj.news.style		About discussion styles of Netnews posts.
fj.news.system 	General topics about network news systems.
fj.news.system.diablo	Discussion about DIABLO News System.
fj.news.system.inn	Discussion about INN News System.
fj.news.usage		Questions and discussions on how to work with the fj community.
fj.org.fjsg		Information about the fj supporters' group.
fj.org.ieee		About Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.
fj.org.ipsj		Topics about Information Processing Society of Japan.
fj.org.jsai		About Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
fj.org.jssst		Information about JSSST.
fj.org.jus		Information about JUS(Japan Unix Society).
fj.org.ptt		Information about PTT.
fj.os.beos		Discussion about the Be operating system.
fj.os.bsd.bsd-os	Discussion about BSD/OS.
fj.os.bsd.freebsd	Discussion about FreeBSD.
fj.os.bsd.misc 	Discussion about BSD operating systems not covered by other fj.os.bsd.* newsgroups.
fj.os.bsd.netbsd	Discussion about NetBSD.
fj.os.hurd		Discussion about Hurd/GNU system.
fj.os.linux		Discussion on Linux.
fj.os.linux.networking	Discussion about networking and communications under Linux.
fj.os.linux.setup	Discussion about linux installation and system.
fj.os.minix		Discussion about the MINIX operating system.
fj.os.misc		Discussion about operating systems not covered elsewhere.
fj.os.ms-windows	Discussion about Microsoft Windows series.
fj.os.ms-windows.ce	Discussion about the Windows CE operating system.
fj.os.ms-windows.me	Discussion about the Windows Millennium Edition.
fj.os.ms-windows.networking	Discussion about networking on Windows.
fj.os.ms-windows.nt	Discussion about the Windows NT operating system.
fj.os.ms-windows.programming	Discussion about programming on Microsoft Windows.
fj.os.ms-windows.server2003	about the Windows Server 2003 operating system.
fj.os.ms-windows.win2000	Discussion about the Windows 2000 operating system.
fj.os.ms-windows.win95	Discussion about the Windows 95 operating system.
fj.os.ms-windows.win98	Discussion about the Windows 98 operating system.
fj.os.ms-windows.xp	Discussion about the Windows XP operating system.
fj.os.msdos		Discussion about the MSDOS operating system.
fj.os.os2		Discussion about the OS/2 operating system.
fj.os.plan9		Talk about plan9.
fj.personal-ads.friends	Requests for friends.
fj.personal-ads.misc	Nonprofit personal advertisements.
fj.personal-ads.penpals	Requests for penpals.
fj.questions.fj		Questions and answers about fj itself and fj newsgroups.
fj.questions.internet	Questions and answers about the Internet.
fj.questions.misc	Questions about miscellaneous subjects.
fj.questions.programming	Questions and answers about computer programming.
fj.questions.unix	Questions especially about UNIX.
fj.rec.aerospace	About aviation. Airplane, airsports, etc.
fj.rec.aerospace.simulators	Discussion for flight simulators.
fj.rec.animation	Discussion about animated movies.
fj.rec.animation.oldies	Topics about nostalgic animations.
fj.rec.autos		Automobiles, automotive products and laws.
fj.rec.autos.sports	About auto sports.
fj.rec.autos.wagon	Discussion about station wagons.
fj.rec.av		High fidelity audio and video components.
fj.rec.bicycles		Topics on bicycles.
fj.rec.bus		Discussion about busses.
fj.rec.comics		The funnies, old and new.
fj.rec.dance		Topics related to dances.
fj.rec.disney		Topics on all about Disney.
fj.rec.drink		Topics about various drinks.
fj.rec.drink.liquor	Topics about Alcoholic beverages.
fj.rec.fine-arts	Topics around fine-arts, which is visual arts.
fj.rec.fishing 	Topics about fishing.
fj.rec.food		Food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes.
fj.rec.games		Discussion about games.
fj.rec.games.go		About Go.
fj.rec.games.mahjong	Topics about mahjong.
fj.rec.games.pachinko	Discussion about pachinko game.
fj.rec.games.roguelike	Topics about nethack and other roguelike games.
fj.rec.games.roleplaying	Topics about roleplaying games.
fj.rec.games.shogi	About Shogi.
fj.rec.games.video	Topics about video games.
fj.rec.games.video.characters	Topics and discussions on game characters and character games.
fj.rec.games.video.home.playstation	Topics about PlayStation.
fj.rec.games.video.home.playstation2	Topics about PlayStation2.
fj.rec.games.video.pc	Discussion about video game for personal computer.
fj.rec.gardens 	Gardening, including potted plants and water plants.
fj.rec.ham		Topics about ham radio.
fj.rec.history 	Hobbies related with history.
fj.rec.idol		General topics about idol.
fj.rec.marine		Marine recreation. Diving, swimming, yachting, etc.
fj.rec.military		Topics about military-related hobbies.
fj.rec.misc		Recreational/participant topics not covered elsewhere.
fj.rec.models		About models.
fj.rec.motorcycles	Topics on motorcycles.
fj.rec.movies		Reviews and discussions of movies.
fj.rec.music		Discussion about music.
fj.rec.music.classical	Talk around classical music.
fj.rec.music.creators	Discussions for music creators.
fj.rec.music.j-pop	Topics about Japanese popular music(J-pop).
fj.rec.music.progressive	Talk around Progressive rock.
fj.rec.music.winds	About wind orchestra, brassband, and so on.
fj.rec.mystery 	Talk about mystery.
fj.rec.novels		Topics about novels.
fj.rec.outdoor 	Discussion about outdoor sports/life.
fj.rec.pets		Talk about pets.
fj.rec.pets.aqua	Discussion about aquatic.
fj.rec.photo		Topics about cameras and photographs.
fj.rec.play		Topics around play and theater.
fj.rec.poems		Topics about poems.
fj.rec.radio		Talk about Radio broadcasting and its programs.
fj.rec.rail		Discussion about railway & railroad.
fj.rec.rail.cars	Discussion on railway cars and locomotives.
fj.rec.rail.historical	Discussion on railway in our memories.
fj.rec.rail.tickets	Discussion on railway tickets and fare systems.
fj.rec.rubber-duckie	Topics about rubber-duckie.
fj.rec.seiyu		Discussion about Voice Actor & Actress.
fj.rec.sf		Discussion about science fiction.
fj.rec.sf.startrek	Discussion on startrek (in Japanese).
fj.rec.ships		About ships and sea utilization.
fj.rec.smoking 	Smoking as a hobby and/or recreation.
fj.rec.spas		Topics about spas.
fj.rec.sports		Topics about sports.
fj.rec.sports.american.football	About American football.
fj.rec.sports.baseball	Discussion about baseball.
fj.rec.sports.basketball	About basketball.
fj.rec.sports.golf	About golf.
fj.rec.sports.keiba	About horseracing.
fj.rec.sports.prowrestling	About prowrestling.
fj.rec.sports.scuba-diving	About scuba-diving.
fj.rec.sports.ski	About skiing.
fj.rec.sports.snowboard	About snowboarding.
fj.rec.sports.soccer	About soccer (Association Football).
fj.rec.sports.sumo	Discussion on sumo.
fj.rec.sports.tennis	About tennis.
fj.rec.sports.volleyball	About volleyball.
fj.rec.tokei		Topics about clocks and watches.
fj.rec.tokusatsu	Topics of visual works with Special Effects.
fj.rec.trading-cards	Topics and discussions on trading-cards.
fj.rec.travel		Traveling all over the world.
fj.rec.travel.air	Topics on air travel.
fj.rec.travel.japan	Traveling in Japan.
fj.rec.travel.world	Traveling all over the world.
fj.rec.tv		Talk about Television and its shows.
fj.rec.tv.cm		Information and discussions on TV commercials.
fj.rec.tv.drama		Topics about TV drama.
fj.rec.wine		Topics about wine.
fj.sci.announce	Announcements about science.
fj.sci.astro		Discussion about stars, planets and comets.
fj.sci.bio		Discussion on biology.
fj.sci.chem		Discussion on chemistry.
fj.sci.cognitive	Discussion about cognitive science.
fj.sci.crypt		Discussion about Cryptography.
fj.sci.economics	Discussion on economics.
fj.sci.geo		Discussion on earth and planetary sciences.
fj.sci.human-factors	Discussion about human-factors and ergonomics.
fj.sci.informatics	Discussion on Information Science.
fj.sci.lang		Natural languages, communication, etc.
fj.sci.lang.english	Discussion about English language.
fj.sci.lang.japanese	Discussion about Japanese language.
fj.sci.law		Study and discussion of/on legal issues.
fj.sci.math		Mathematical discussions and pursuits.
fj.sci.matter		Discussion on science of matter.
fj.sci.medical 	Topics related to medical science.
fj.sci.military		Discussion about military science (including naval issues).
fj.sci.misc		Discussions about sciences not covered elsewhere.
fj.sci.philosophy	Discussion about philosophy.
fj.sci.physics 	Discussion on physics.
fj.sci.psychology	Discussion and pursuit on Psychology.
fj.soc.agriculture	Discussion about agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
fj.soc.copyright	Discussion about copyright.
fj.soc.culture 	Group about (Japanese?) culture.
fj.soc.culture.chinese	Chinese or china-related culture and related topics.
fj.soc.economy 	Topics about economy and economic policies.
fj.soc.education	On public or political issues concerning education and school.
fj.soc.environment	Talks about natural environment and society.
fj.soc.history 	Discussion about history.
fj.soc.human-rights	Discussion about human rights, bioethics and discrimination.
fj.soc.internet		Discussion about social aspects of the Internet.
fj.soc.internet.censorship	Discussion about censorship in the Internet.
fj.soc.law		Topics on Law and right.
fj.soc.media		Social aspects of communication media and mass media.
fj.soc.medical 	Social aspects of medical practice and science.
fj.soc.men-women	Fairness ,Right, etc. between women and men.
fj.soc.misc		Socially-oriented topics not covered elsewhere.
fj.soc.nuclear 	Discussion about social aspects of nuclear energy.
fj.soc.politics		Discussion about politics.
fj.soc.pseudo-science	Topics and discussion on pseudo-science.
fj.soc.smoking 	About smoking issues and manners.
fj.soc.tech		Topics on society and technology.
fj.soc.traffic 	Socially-oriented topics on traffic & transportation.
fj.soc.traffic.manners	About traffic regulations and traffic manners.
fj.soc.war-and-peace	Discussion about war and peace.
fj.sources		For the posting of software packages & documentation.
fj.sources.d		For any discussion of source postings.
fj.sys.alpha		Discussion about computer with Alpha chip.
fj.sys.ews4800 	Discussion about NEC EWS4800 workstation.
fj.sys.ibmpc		Discussion about IBM Personal Computers and clones.
fj.sys.mac		Discussion about the Apple Macintosh & Lisa.
fj.sys.mac.advocacy	The Macintosh computer family compared to others.
fj.sys.mac.comm		Discussion about Communication of Macintosh.
fj.sys.mac.os-9		On Mac OS 9 and former versions.
fj.sys.mac.os-x		On Mac OS X.
fj.sys.mac.programming	Discussion about Programming of Macintosh.
fj.sys.misc		Discussion about computers of all other kinds.
fj.sys.news		Discussion about SONY NEWS workstation.
fj.sys.palm		Discussion about Palm Computing Platforms.
fj.sys.pc98		Discussion about NEC PC-9800 & other computers.
fj.sys.sgi		Discussions about Silicon Graphics products.
fj.sys.sun		Discussion about SUN workstation.
fj.sys.x68000		Discussion about Sharp X68000 & other computers.
fj.sys.zaurus		Discussion on zaurus palmtop computer.
fj.test			Testing all over fj. Very boring.
fj.unix			UNIX neophytes group.
fj.unix.shells 	Discussion about shells and shell scripts.
fj.wanted		Requests for things that are needed.